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We are all made of stars.
We are all creatives.

Everyone is a designer

Everybody has to be creative daily: finding solutions to go forward, performing to accomplish his-her projects...
The fluidity in communication, information, meeting new people online, learning, sharing... has opened the way to collaborative habits, both for personal than professional activities. Working together replaces progressively the old-school "top-bottom" mindset, where only ideas of the top-hierarchical actor were taken into account.
Exploriacomm proposes not only ethical practices and tools, but a modern approach, where co-creation is favoured.

Let's collective intelligence make the (art of) work!

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« Faire » together.

Taking care of users.

Using Libres tools and techs.

Mindfulness process.

Moderation and elegance.

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Consulting for your online projects, visual identity and ergonomy reviews.


Thinking together the user experience and the message you’d like to convey.
Webdesign and technical integration.


Workshops or individual courses, to accompany you toward more independence in design and internet practices.

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